An Energy Audit focuses on all available data on energy management, analyzes it, highlights obvious and hidden shortcomings whilst recommending ways to remedy them, including their valuation and the return on investment. An energy audit allows energy savings to be found. An energy audit is also a fulfillment of the legal requirement, as well as the basis for obtaining a state subsidy for the implementation of energy-saving measures and new investment construction and the basis for the banking sector when assessing an application for an energy investment loan.

The obligation to prepare an energy audit

The obligation to prepare an energy audit is laid down in Act No. 406/2000 Coll. Greater energy consumers. The requirements of an energy audit are then regulated by Decree No. 213/2001 Coll. and its Amendment No. 425/2004 Coll. The overall annual consumption of all types and forms of energy, at all sampling points operated under one organization identification number (IN), is decisive for the obligation to process an energy audit of a building or facility. This obligation arises:

  • for organizational units of the state, region, municipality and their contributory organizations from the total annual energy consumption of 1 500 GJ
  • for natural and other legal entities, from the total annual energy consumption of 35,000 GJ
  • for any person requesting state support under the State Program for the Promotion of Energy Savings and the Use of Renewable and Secondary Energy Sources. An energy audit is the required attachment to this request.


An energy audit is often required as a supplement to an energy project subsidy application, eg for a building insulation or other increase of energy performance of a building or installation of a renewable energy source (eg Operational programs of MoE, Ministry for Regional Development and Ministry of Industry and Trade, Norwegian funds, PANEL). It is also the basis for banks to assess applications for a loan to realize energy investments.

Investment projects

An energy audit is also the basis for the bank to make a decision when applying for a loan to realize energy investments.

Energy audit

Can only be performed by an energy specialist certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Our company has had extensive experience in performing energy audits since 2000 (references), both for buildings of different purposes, technology and equipment, energy units and for renewable sources.