Optimization of the entity’s energy management operations (companies, municipalities, towns, regions, schools, hospitals, cultural, social and sports facilities, etc.) The issue of energy supply and its economical consumption is very complex. It’s correct management can allow for savings, whereas mistakes can mean large economic losses.

Our company offers basic services in the field of supply and consumption of all energy types, including electricity, gas and heat.

Measurement and analysis of power consumption. In terms of energy, in order to reach the minimum cost of electricity, it is necessary to choose an optimal rate. Choosing the optimal rate and dividing the electricity consumption into tariffs is possible only after thoroughly measuring the current energy usage in the building.

  • Consultancy in the area of ​​optimization of electricity consumption (distribution rate, power product, value of the main circuit breaker)
  • Representing or expertly supporting energy purchasers in dealing with distributors and suppliers of energy when concluding contracts and setting technical and trade parameters of contracts, institutions and authorities of state professional supervision, etc. Organization and management of a tender for energy suppliers (electricity, natural gas) for private and government sectors governed by the Public Procurement Act
  • Verification of the accuracy of the supplier’s invoicing of energy supplies according to the actual values ​​from the billing gauges; billing to secondary subscribers or tenants
  • Analytical management of the collection of all energy
  • Services within the industrial field, including reserve capacity management, regulation and compensation of reactive losses.
  • Legal advice in the field of energy legislation. Legal and advisory services in the exercising of the rights of the consumer and protection of his/her interests, contracts, prices, supply outages, and damages and advisory services in the field of energy legislation and its implementation in regards to the service of the customer.
  • Optimization of energy consumption, proposal of operative measures (cost-free), designing of technical and organizational conceptual measures (including study of change of system of energy production – electricity, heat, cold, etc.); Designing control and monitoring systems.

Example of power supply optimization:

Primary School

In the primary school building, a detailed measurement of the electricity consumption was carried out. After this, the optimization of the rate, the size of the circuit breaker and the electricity supplier was performed.


V areálu firmy proběhlo detailní měření spotřeby elektrické energie a následně byla provedena optimalizace sazby, velikosti jističe i dodavatele elektrické energie

Návratnost vložených prostředků byla v řádu několika měsíců.