We provide consultancy, advisory, and comprehensive services for potential subsidy programs, primarily from national programs in the Czech Republic and the European Union’s structural funds.

Our services include the preparation of complete applications, including project documentation, the application itself, energy assessments (energy audits), organizing tendering procedures, preparing monitoring reports, and other administration associated with project implementation.

We can also assist you in selecting high-quality technologies and suppliers within the subsidy framework.

Examples of subsidy programs include:

  • Environmental Operational Program (OPŽP)
  • Operational Program Technology and Applications for Competitiveness (OPTAK)
  • National programs of the State Environmental Fund (SFŽP)
  • State program to support energy savings (EFEKT)
  • Integrated Regional Operational Program (IROP)
  • Modernization Fund (MF)
  • National Recovery Plan (NPO)

Current subsidy programs

NameAnnouncement DateEnd DateAllocation (CZK)Subsidy ObjectSupported Entities
OPTAK Energy Savings: Subsidy for Energy Savings in Businesses10.5.202431.10.20256250,000 - 200 millionSubsidy ranging from 625,000 - 200 million CZK, subsidy for the replacement of energy-inefficient machinery, building insulation including roofs, window replacement, modernization and reconstruction of electricity, gas, and heat distribution, RES, implementation and modernization of measurement systems, utilization of waste energy in production processes, project documentation, and energy assessmentsSmall, medium, and large enterprises
RES+ Call No. 3/2024 – Municipal PV Systems on Public Buildings for Small Municipalities1.3.202431.10.2024Max. 75% of total project expensesSubsidy will support the installation of photovoltaic power plants on public buildings and other infrastructure owned by municipalities. Support will also extend to the reconstruction of roofs where photovoltaic panels will be installed and to the modernization of related electrical installations.Public administration
RES+ Call No. 4/2024 – Municipal PV Systems on Buildings and Other Infrastructure1.3.202431.10.2024Max. 45% for PV installation, max. 30% for battery storage, electrolyzer, and other investmentsSubsidy totaling 1 billion CZK will support the installation of photovoltaic power plants on buildings and other infrastructure owned by regions, municipalities, self-governing bodies, churches, and their affiliated contributory organizations, legal entities, and companies, including associated projects.Public administration
Call No. NPO 2/2024 - Introduction of Energy Management System in the Form of Energy Management (EM)28.11.202330.6.2025550,000Subsidy mainly covers document creation, organization (process definition, responsibilities, information flow, etc.), preparation of systems for monitoring and evaluating energy consumption, and implementation of energy management system into practice. It is assumed that the implemented system will meet the requirements set by ČSN EN 50001 or the Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).Private entities and public administration (municipalities, cities, etc.)
Call No. NPO 3/2024 - Development of Local Energy Concept (LEC)28.11.202330.6.2025450,000 - 550,000Subsidy is intended for the development of a local energy concept, which should be a tool and guide on how to optimize energy supply compared to energy consumed in the specific locality of a particular municipality or voluntary association of municipalities. The local energy concept should be a document according to which the local government should proceed in comprehensive solutions for ensuring the supply and consumption of energy in the relevant locality or also in partial solutions within its individual parts. It is possible to create a local energy concept for individual municipalities or cities and also for voluntary associations of municipalities in the case of several municipalities for which the local energy concept can be developed together.Municipalities and voluntary association of municipalities
OPTAK - RES - Small Hydropower Plant Call6.9.202313.12.20241 - 100 millionSubsidy for the construction or modernization of small hydropower plants.Small, medium, and large enterprises (excluding the territory of Prague)
OPTAK - RES - Biomethane Injection Call6.9.202313.12.20241 - 100 millionSubsidy for the acquisition of technology enabling the treatment of biogas into biomethane.Small, medium, and large enterprises (excluding the territory of Prague)
SFŽP Modernization Fund20212030150 billion CZKAccording to program conditionsPrivate entities, public sector
Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank2017-Loan amount: minimum 500,000 CZK, maximum 60 million CZKPrivate entities