A water audit is an essential component and an initial parameter for the successful implementation of water-saving practices in practice.
What is a Water Audit?

A water audit is a comprehensive analysis of the water management of a particular entity. It primarily deals with water resources, water usage within the organization, and the efficient management of wastewater. It is a way to improve water management in industrial enterprises.

Content of a water audit:

  • Identification of water usage areas
  • Water consumption analysis
  • Identification of water-saving opportunities
  • Site topography assessment
  • Water handling practices
  • Identification of potential risks
  • Proposal of innovative measures

Target groups of a water audit:

  • Business entities
  • Owners of residential, commercial, and recreational properties

Benefits of a water audit:

  • Comprehensive overview of water management within the organization over the last 3 years
  • Specific recommendations for improving water management, including financial considerations
  • Operational efficiency enhancement
  • Optimization of water consumption within the company.